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KPMG is one of the largest Audit, Tax and Advisory firms in the world, with 207,000 outstanding professionals working together to deliver value in 152 countries and territories worldwide. KPMG offices in individual countries operate in co-ordination and in compliance with KPMG international’s values, quality standards and services. At the same time, the relative independence allowed by KPMG International, enables the individual countries’ offices to develop a strong local presence, using both their local market knowledge and KPMG’s know-how and international information resources.

KPMG in Cyprus traces its origins back in 1948, when one of the first accounting firms (Metaxas, Loizides, Syrimis & Co.) on the island was established and currently employs more than 900 professionals, has close relationships with practices in other countries and provides its clients with the whole spectrum of KPMG International services.

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