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Range of ListingsPrice based on range
1Listing 23.00
2 to 5Listings 21.00Per Listing
6 to 10Listings 17.00Per Listing
11 to 20Listings 15.00Per Listing
21 to 30Listings 14.00Per Listing
31 to 50Listings 13.00Per Listing
51 to 70Listings 11.00Per Listing
71 to 100Listings 10.00Per Listing
101 to 200Listings 9.00Per Listing
Over 200ListingsContact Us

* Prices do not include VAT

A job listing can be set to a maximum period of one month. However it can be adjusted to any period or scheduled.


1. Promo Credit

Carierista is always posting your job listings on its Facebook Page using the link from the website.

However, you may further promote your post and reach more candidates through two simple ways:

Boost on Place your job ad at the very top of search results:

€507 days
€9014 days
€12021 days
€14029 days

Boost on Social Media: Our qualified team will prepare a tailored campaign on our social media based on your job requirements. You are free to choose your budget (€25 - €300).

Both of the above.

Visit your account listings, click the "Promote" button on your desired post and follow the instructions. Click here to learn more

Please get in touch with us if you need more help (, +357 25 333 538).


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2. Display on the Carousel
Purchase of promotional display with your logo on the website employers carousel.
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3. Banner on Carierista website
Purchase of promotional banner according to your needs.
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