A. Job Listings Pricing

A. 1 Job Listing
17.00 EUR / Job listing
B. 2-5 Job Listings
15.00 EUR / Job listing
C. 6-10 Job Listings
12.00 EUR / Job listing
D. 11-20 Job Listings
10.00 EUR / Job listing
E. 21-50 Job Listings
9.00 EUR / Job listing
F. 51-100 Job Listings
8.00 EUR / Job listing
G. 101-350 Job Listings
7.00 EUR / Job listing
H. > 350 Job Listings
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*Prices do not include VAT

B. Services

A. Facebook Sponsored Advertisement Budget

Job listings are posted on Carierista Facebook Page using the position’s link from Carierista’ s website’s FREE OF CHARGE.

However, we may help you boost the post further by setting up a paid Social Media Campaign. Our qualified team in social media, is creating the perfect targeting according to the job role, in order to engage the right audience.

The entire amount you select will be used at your job listing’s social media campaign in Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, LinkedIn. Carierista will undertake the targeting towards the proper promotion of your advertisement, AT NO COST (i.e. no administrative fees will be charged).

In order to automate this task, you may purchase up to €200, and then on your Account Job Listings, follow the related simple steps to notify our team to boost your job listing.

For an effective promotion, the minimum purchase is set to €25.

Please get in touch with us if you need more help (, +357 25 333 538).

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B. Display on the Carousel
Purchase of promotional display with your logo on the website employers carousel.
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C. Banner on Carierista website
Purchase of promotional banner according to your needs.
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*Prices do not include VAT

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