1. General

Register as employer, totally free of charge, following the link below:


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2. Candidates

Registering as a user offers the following benefits:

  • You can upload your profile on Carierista (which will include your Curriculum Vitae in Pdf or Word document) by just clicking a button, saving time and effort. Make sure you fill in as much information as possible, so that employers can view a complete profile.
  • Through Carierista, you can send a personal message to the employers who have an account on our page.
  • You can be traceable by hundreds of personnel-seeking companies through “Find your Ideal Candidate”.
  • You can be receiving the Carierista weekly newsletter that includes advertisements and articles regarding career.

Carierista respects the fact that -for any reason- the candidates may not wish for their contact details to be visible (first name, last name, email) offers the possibility to everyone to maintain an account without displaying the aforementioned details.

3. Employers

  • A. 1 advertisement: €17
  • B. 2-5 advertisements: €15 per advertisement
  • C. 6-10 advertisements: €12 per advertisement
  • D. 11-20 advertisements: €10 per advertisement
  • E. 21-50 advertisements: €9 per advertisement
  • F. 51-100 advertisements: €8 per advertisement
  • G. 101-350 advertisements: €7 per advertisement

* If you wish to purchase more than 350 advertisements, please contact us by calling (+357) 25 333 538 or emailing info@carierista.com

** Advertisements must be used within 365 days from the date of purchase.

*** Prices do not include VAT.

  • Company name
  • Post title
  • Qualifications and duties of the post in question
  • Type of employment (Full Time, Part Time, Contract, Internship, Temporary)
  • Using Greeklish is not permitted.
  • Any kind of discrimination concerning sex, age, nationality, religion etc. is not permitted.
  • An advertisement must not require for a photograph or for extremely personal data/information such as ID number, etc.

A post can last from 3 to 30 days. At the conclusion of the advertisement, you will be sent an email where with just a click of a button you will be able to renew the advertisement post (which will be considered as a new advertisement).

Visit www.carierista.com, login into your account and then on your account right side menu, click on the "Purchase Service" item, follow the simple steps you will be asked to take and select the number of advertisements you would like to buy. If you are not a registered employer in Carierista, you may register here: www.carierista.com/en/auth/register/employer

As an Employer, you can deposit a certain amount of money into your account and choose the advertisement you want to have forwarded. The entire amount of money you will deposit, is going to be used in targeted Facebook advertising. The experienced Carierista team will undertake the targeting towards the proper promotion of your advertisement, at no cost.

Payment can be made online with instant invoicing. In case there is difficulty in paying by credit card or debit card, please contact us by calling (+357) 25-333538 or emailing info@carierista.com. Payments in installments will not be accepted.

You can pay in the following ways:

  • By bank transfer after having contacted us by calling (+357) 25 333538 or emailing info@carierista.com
  • By using the "Purchase Service" feature on your account, through which, by following very simple steps, you can pay online with any credit or debit card.
    The online payment process has been designed having security as a top priority and has met all the necessary Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.

The advertisement will be posted in Carierista in a matter of minutes. This concerns working days and holidays too.

The advertisements have to be used within 365 days. If any advertisements have been left unused by the end of this period, no refund is possible.

Of course! Contact us by calling (+357) 25 333 538 or emailing marketing@carierista.com for any information.

Refund is possible only up to 5 days after the date of having purchased services from Carierista as long as you have not used the service. Refund is not possible 5 days after the purchase of services.

You may contact us in any way (support@carierista.com, +357 25 333 538). Refund is possible only up to 5 days after the date of having purchased services from Carierista as long as you have not used the service. Refund is not possible if the 5 days are past the purchase of services.

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