Advertising Policy

  • 1.Advertising policy for job listings
  • In order to post job advertisements on, register as an employer here totally free of charge.

    Each company can have only one company account.

    All posts, before being posted in Carierista, are subject to an approval procedure which takes a few minutes. Carierista operates 365 days a year.

    Each advertisement may contain only one job/post, with a duration of 30 days maximum. At the conclusion of the advertisement, you will be sent an email where with just a click of a button you will be able to renew the advertisement post (which will be considered as a new advertisement).

    Each job advertisement in Carierista must include:

    • The company’s name
    • Post Title
    • Qualifications and duties of the post in question
    • Type of employment (Full Time, Part Time, Contract, Internship, Temporary)
    • A post duration of 30 days maximum.
    • Using Greeklish is not permitted
    • Any discrimination concerning sex, age, nationality, religion etc. is not permitted.
    • An advertisement must not require for a photograph or for extremely personal data/information such as ID number, etc.

    Cost to post job advertisements:

    • A. 1 advertisement: €23
    • B. 2-5 advertisements: €21 per advertisement
    • C. 6-10 advertisements: €17 per advertisement
    • D. 11-20 advertisements: €15 per advertisement
    • E. 21-30 advertisements: €14 per advertisement
    • F. 31-50 advertisements: €13 per advertisement
    • G. 51-70 advertisements: €11 per advertisement
    • H. 71-100 advertisements: €10 per advertisement
    • I. 101-200 advertisements: €9 per advertisement

    * If you wish to purchase more than 200 advertisements, please contact us by calling (+357) 25 333 538 or emailing

    ** Advertisements must be used within 365 days from the date of purchase.

    *** Prices do not include VAT.

    Refund is possible only up to 5 days after the date of having purchased services from Carierista as long as you have not used the service. Refund is not possible if the 5 days are past the purchase of services.

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