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Website: http://www.hyperiosoftware.com/

Archiepiskopou Leontiou A 254, Limassol 3020, Cyprus


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Hyperio Software Limited is a software engineer company based in Limassol, Cyprus. Our focus is in building software products for Industry leading service providers in Europe.

Our products have proven to be a huge success and are highly in demand. Hyperio’s flagship products empower service providers:

- For Test Teams to efficiently plan and perform large amounts of workplace safety inspections. The cloud-based and mobile based is a product that manages safety inspection projects from start to end: It supports in the planning phase, guides the execution and then generates all deliverable's like asset lists and inspection certificates of the performed inspections. It also assists with the planning of recurring inspections and drives the billing in an automated way.

- For Inventory Teams to efficiently carry out inventories in all sectors and offers the complete inventory service. The product guides the execution, in "real time"​ and cloud based and then generates the final report and the inventory data for the interface to the merchandise management system of the customer.

The products are used by a German full-service-provider who provides the complete safety inspection and inventory service for all industries and applications. They are the leading providers in the German-speaking countries with the focus of adding great value to their high quality and professional services.

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