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Our Talent

People first. That is true at Deloitte. It means opportunities, challenging and rewarding assignments, international experience, learning and development, and the flexibility to find your own career path.

Deloitte is committed to providing international work experience and the adventure and personal and growth it brings. Learn anywhere and anytime with any-device access to thousands of learning resources. Forget one-size-fits-all careers, set a path that best fits your career-life needs, and follow your passions. Giving back to the community, going green, mentoring, and celebrating diversity are Deloitte traditions, so join in and make your mark.

Our Shared Values

Our Shared Values are the underlying factors or ideologies that guide us and contribute to long-lasting success. They join together professionals across different cultures, customs and languages and promote trust among partners and professionals.

Uniting through Shared Values

Our Values are all-encompassing and embrace the cultures in which we operate. They are:

  • the foundation from which decisions and actions are made;
  • the bond that holds DTTL and its member firms consistent and together as they grow, diversify, and expand; and
  • a timeless source of guidance and inspiration to all that embody them.


Applying exemplary standards of professional conduct to all activities with clients and within our communities

Behaving in a manner that answers to the expectations of the stakeholders of our professions

Outstanding value to markets and clients

Delivering quality services

Commitment to each other

Building on mutual trust and respect

Caring for our people and the wider community

Strength from cultural diversity

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