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Serano is a brand created and developed by E. Neophytou Trading Co Ltd, a family company based in Cyprus since 1974.

The company is currently engaged in the import, processing, sale and distribution of dried nuts and fruits in Cyprus and abroad. The company's current market share in the domestic market is 66%.

The company's quality control procedures start long before the processing of the products. Our industry experience and our strong relationship with suppliers of raw materials worldwide, allows us to select and procure the right type of raw materials at the right point of time in order to keep the manufacturing process running at optimal efficiency.

An extensive inspection of every single lot of incoming goods through the company’s in-house laboratory or in private accredited laboratories is considered standard procedure. All incoming lots are intensively tested and analyzed.

In-process record keeping through the company’s quality assurance system (BRC for Food Safety, ISO 22000:2005& ISO 9001:2008) allows us to maintain a daily manufacturing log. This measure ensures that both qualitative and quantitative controls and goals are met.

Our company operates in newly erected buildings of 8,500 sq. meters based in Nicosia (Dali Industrial Area) hosting the production and the processing areas, the warehouses and the administration offices. These facilities include separate areas for the processing of different products in all their manufacturing stages, the raw materials and the finished goods warehouses, with different temperature controlled warehouses.

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