Established in 1999, Handy’s Security Systems is a leader company in innovative security solutions throughout Cyprus, with reliable experience, excellent installation by an experienced team of well trained technicians with reliable equipment at competitive and affordable prices with excellent ratings from customers. Handy’s Security Systems is proud to provide comprehensive solutions for the entire range of security installations for residential and commercial places, and its contribution to reassure the customer through insuring what matters most: the home, the family and the business.

The four core principles are:

– Teamwork

– Respect

– Honesty

– Immediate Response

The quality, the ethics and the corporate culture of the company are issues that interest us. That is the reason why company invests in their development. Handy’s logo presents an ancient Greek warrior with protection shield. Handy’s Security Systems also provides security, strength, confidence and physical protection to the citizen.

Handy’s Security Systems Ltd has established and implemented the institution of “Corporate Social Responsibility” as an integral part of its Strategic Planning.

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