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Viva Wallet is a leader in innovative, cost-cutting payment solutions on a global scale with efficient, transparent, multi-channel payment systems.

Our story began in 2000 as a small but inspired group of technology, UX and payments experts. We started developing web platforms, electronic services and mobile applications for banks and other corporations.

Over the years we gained considerable expertise, which enabled us to take full advantage of the deregulation of the European financial system and propelled our growth. Our team seized the opportunity to disrupt existing models for providers of financial services, and strove tirelessly to develop and deliver next-generation payment services. By 2010, we had built our core payments technology.

Our founding team adopted the word ‘viva’ to connote the attributes of brilliance, intensity and agility, just like our payment solutions.

Our proprietary, game-changing technology helps millions of users daily run their businesses better, faster and cheaper, whether online, via mobile, in person, or through a physical network of agents. Our goal is to add value at every stage of the payments process.

We provide multichannel payments through cloud based system architecture, designed to evolve and scale for growth.