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The marcus evans group has over 35+ years experience in the production of premium business events. Known globally for our unwavering dedication to quality and excellence, we aid our clients in achieving their strategic goals by providing market leading business intelligence otherwise inaccessible to them.


 At marcus evans, we craft products that empower our clients to drive organizational growth and achieve effective decision-making. Our clients’ focus on continuous improvement, creates a strong basis for an ongoing dialogue, allowing us to evolve our abilities to address their needs successfully.


marcus evans Summits and Conferences deliver the ultimate meeting point for modern decision makers.  A strong dedication to providing strategic business information, combined with an unwavering focus on exclusivity, is what drives us to consistently deliver a competitive advantage to our clients. Offering the comprehensive content of a dynamic program and the comfort of a luxurious five star venue, our events encourage industry thought leaders to learn from each others’ experiences and explore key solutions in the market.


The record of success we have established is recognized in board rooms and corner offices across the globe. Modern business leaders rely on our annual meetings to discover solutions, share expertise and develop professionally.


Our Summits and Conferences deliver high level business and are designed to meet the networking, knowledge and business requirements of Executives to take advantage of a wide array of Events organized for their specific sector.


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