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3FIFTY7 comprises of several companies that specialize in their respective fields which are:  

3FIFTY7 MUSIC This company is solely focused on the recording and subsequent exposure of these pieces. Available is a group of expert music industry executives and one of the best and most sophisticated studio complexes outside of New York, LA and London.  

3FIFTY7 LIVE The long established history of Sniper in Cyprus' entertainment business and the respect earned by the family on the island, with concerts, sporting events and clubs, it makes sense for 3fifty7 Live to act as a selective agent for the best artists to come and perform in Cyprus.  

3FIFTY7 MERCHANDISE Music is a life style - not a job but a way of life. We want the merchandise to reflect the class and lifestyle of the glamorous / unique 3fifty7 concept. Quality and innovation, Items you want to savour and keep forever, contemporary collectable classics.  

3FIFTY7 PUBLISHING This company concentrates on the song - whether written by the artist for the artist or for another artist. We are affiliated with many placement firms regarding incidental music for films, TV shows, advertising, games and ringtones.

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