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Andrea Zappa 4, Limassol


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We are Bug Freak Media. The most awesomest performance marketing agency you'll find this side of the Milky Way.

We drive outstanding results for our clients in paid search, SEO, affiliation, programmatic and paid social. The fun doesn't stop there either. We build brands, and goodness me they're good. From logos, to websites, print media to landing pages that have the highest converting conversion rates, we cover a lot of ground. Combine our brand expertise with our paid traffic channels, and you're looking at a recipe for success.

We're powered by our team of bug freaks, which are simply the best. Our butterflies and stag beetles aren't any ordinary marketers as we've built the most awesome team in the industry. The results we're constantly producing speak for themselves as in just a short time, we've massively expanded our team and client-base.

The expansion of our hive continues! If you think you're awesome enough to fit in, drop us a message. We'll only reply if your message makes us laugh. You've been warned. Back to us... Bug Freak Media is really unlike any other marketing company you would’ve worked in, and the reason is that we see things differently from other companies. Our philosophy is simple; you spend most of the day at work, so why not make it fun? Being fun and productive is what makes a bug freak.