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A little About Us...

Pet People launched in 2011 and has constantly strived to make having a pet more convenient and more economical. Our staff are highly trained and follow strict guidelines when dealing with our Live Animals and with our Clients pets.

We understand that having a pet can be time consuming in todays busy world. Our stores aim to make your shopping experience as pleasent and convenient as possible. With our services we focus on making them as convenient and cost efficient as possible. We offer a large variety of services with the aim of making your life and your pets life easier.

Throughout the years Pet Peoples family has doubled and tripled. Each and every team member (Pet Person) must have a passion for working with animals. Pet People was formed with a deep understanding that we can do better for our pets.

We are very aware that we our achievments of owning our chain of pet stores, national mobile grooming services, national home delivery services and thousands of clients being serviced every month, is thanks to you, our client. We are very grateful every time our clients trust us with their pets.

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