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PIN-UP Global is an ecosystem of independent companies involved in the life cycle of various entertainment products. 


We are:

  • 2500+ employees worldwide of 20+ nationalities and 15+ companies.
  • 7 countries: Cyprus (head office in Limassol), Poland, Ukraine (two offices), Kazakhstan (two offices), Armenia, Peru, India.


Join us and work with industry leaders. 


PIN-UP Global is divided into directions depending on the profile:

  • PIN-UP.BUSINESS - focused on the monetization of business processes. The companies included in it have expertise in the legal field, finance and apply the best practices of marketing communications to achieve the goals of the customer. 
  • PIN-UP.TECH - specializes in technological solutions that are unique for the market, allowing partners to maintain their leading positions and provide high-quality products.
  • PIN-UP.TRAFFIC - provides quality, payback traffic to customer products and services in markets where they have a presence. 
  • PIN-UP.CRM - builds a high-quality level of service and marketing for all customers of the ecosystem. 
  • PIN-UP.INVESTMENTS - invests in projects and products in gambling, traffic, software development, AI, customer service, payment systems, advertising platforms, arbitrage teams using the resources and activities of the ecosystem.
  • PIN-UP.CARE - is working with non-profit organizations that declare the principles of social responsibility in the field of human rights, labor relations, environmental protection and charitable activities.
  • PIN-UP.TEAM - is focused on taking care of ecosystem specialists. We regularly implement programs not only for adaptation, development and training of employees, but also for leisure activities.
  • PIN-UP.PLAY - companies that have decided to work under the PIN-UP brand in their countries. They use the betting platform or the casino, and may also order services from other PIN-UP segments.

PIN-UP Global has a charitable foundation called PIN-UP Foundation, which was founded by Marina Ilyina. As of today, PIN-UP Foundation brings together volunteers, professionals, non-governmental organizations, and the global community with values focused on the development of Ukraine.

Our mission – based on deep market knowledge and the latest technologies, develop the Ecosystem companies and remain industry leaders.


Our values reflect our way of living and interacting with employees, partners and customers: 

  • Be the first to lead. 
  • Be an expert in your domain. 
  • Be a partner in teamwork.
  • Be focused on the result. 
  • Be open and honest in communication. 


We are winners:


  • Online casino operator of the year - SiGMA & AGS Awards
  • CEO of the year - SiGMA & AGS Awards
  • Influencer of the year - SiGMA & AGS Awards
  • Workplace Of The Year - SIGMA Balcans&CIS
  • Marketing Campaign Of The Year - SIGMA Balcans&CIS
  • Leader of the Year (Marina Ilina) - SBC Awards
  • Best HR Automatization - НR WISDOM SUMMIT
  • Responsible Gaming 2023  - SiGMA Europe
  • Contribution Of The Year - SiGMA Europe
  • Industry Ambassador 2023 - SiGMA Europe
  • Leadership project - HR Brand Ukraine 2023
  • The best brand of the year - ASA BY CONVERSION CLUB
  • Influencer of the year - ASA BY CONVERSION CLUB



In progress✈️


Рroducts: iGaming-platform, CRM, Marketing Tool, Anti-Fraud tools, Chat, Fintech, Affiliate system, Native Apps.


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