Med High Private English School





Kilkis 10 Street 6016 Larnaca, Cyprus

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Med High School’s mission is to breathe life into the spirit of our school’s motto, ‘Inspiring to Achieve’. As a family, we strive to instil academic, vocational, social and interpersonal skills that will enable our students to adapt and flourish in a diverse society. 

We focus upon the development of each student as a unique individual; their spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical qualities. Personalised learning and embracing the ‘Every Child Matters’ notion lies at the heart of our school. At Med High Schools we challenge both the creative and pragmatic minds, encouraging bold, critical and independent thinking, offering the highest quality of academic experience to ensure progress. An array of teaching styles by immensely experienced teachers allows us to cater for kinaesthetic, auditory, visual and reading/writing learners.

We pride ourselves in being a truly multicultural school which engraves our students with awareness and respect for other cultures, races and religions. Med High School’s safe, nurturing and warm environment allows all students to prosper and become the mature and exceptional individuals they deserve to be.

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