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Argosy Trading Co. Ltd

Argosy is the leading F.M.C.G. importer and distributor to the grocery retail in Cyprus with a wide coverage of 2,000 outlets which account for more than 90% of the business sector’s total market. It handles a portfolio of well-known international brands, most of which hold one of the top three positions in their respective category in terms of market share. Argosy is also a major supplier in the Food Service / HORECA business, directly servicing 1,700 outlets.


Our Key Capabilities

  • Customer Focused Sales Management and Development
  • Field and In-Store Operations
  • Market Development – Brand / Category Management
  • Effective Supply Chain Management (Planning, Forecasting, Logistics)
  • Full utilisation of a well-established Management Information System

Our Portfolio

Our portfolio of multinational suppliers provides brands which satisfy a wide variety of consumer needs daily, such as:

Activia, Airwick, Cillit, Colman’s, Dettol, Elite, Energizer, Findus, Galaxy, Hawaiian Tropic, Twix, Kellogg`s Special K, Jacobs, Libresse, Libero, Mars, Melissa, Oreo, Pedigree, Pringles, Philadelphia, Philips, Rickmers Bali, Tena, Vanish, Veet, Whiskas, Wilkinson, Zewa, 3M Scotch Brite, 7Days, Dodoni. Click here to see the full list of suppliers and brands.


Argosy provides financial services, HR, Logistics and IT services to CTC Group companies, as well as others under contractual agreements.

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