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OTI was incorporated in November 2005 as a private company under the official name of Omnius Technology Innovations Ltd. OTI was founded amidst a market that demanded IT specialists who could offer a professional approach to implementing and maintaining robust, reliable, scalable and secure corporate data networks, the absence of which was the very reason for its inception.

OTI has set its own successful path within an ever-demanding environment by identifying the scarcity of effectively trained and certified professionals, the lack of interest in the real needs of clients and the absence of actual, careful guidance on how IT, once properly implemented and maintained, can actually achieve a high return on investment (ROI) and reduce the overall costs of an organisation manyfold.


OTI is now a leading provider of specialised IT services offering consultancy, implementation and network management services for businesses of all sizes and has repeatedly proven itself in delivering effective solutions for virtually all aspects of Information Technology for the modern business.


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