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Kalivion 14, Mesa Gitonia, Limassol, Cyprus

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The Nutcracker products have been in the Cypriot market for many years, offering high quality and unique flavors. Through our own production line in Cyprus and by staying focused on the traditional way of manufacturing, we produce, with our state-of-the-art machinery, our own unique recipes. Our product range of Cyprus traditional products is constantly growing, aiming to create new and old flavors. At A.Ch. Agathocleous Ltd, using only the best raw materials from Cyprus or imported, we produce and offer to consumers traditional quality products.


We always are deeply concerned with keeping our production facility and our shops in great condition, maintaining utmost cleanliness and providing a welcoming and friendly environment to our customers. High quality and hygiene standards have been set and are maintained at all times so we can offer only the freshest and most uniquely flavored Cyprus traditional product.


Our history dates back many years, three generations in the past, wherein Agathocleous family started with a Kiosk in the Troodos region by selling nuts and traditional products. Through time traditional recipes and techniques passed down to younger generations and resulted in the creation of our own production line – factory and shops, namely “The Nutcracker House”.
At present, A.Ch Agathocleous Ltd, has one of the most modern equipped factories and the largest stores in terms of the variety of products available.

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