Επιστήμη και Φαρμακευτικά Προϊόντα

Τομέας:Επιστήμη και Φαρμακευτικά Προϊόντα


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I.M.I. Infinity Medical Innovations  is a distribution company acting on the field of biosurgical products & instruments. We’re focusing on our partnerships with leading brands aiming to always deliver high quality and reliable services.

As a company, our anthropocentric policy serves our commitment, as we invest on our team of technicians, doctors & specialists, being the key of our organization.

Our people are the most important asset of the company. They are the driving force of all efforts and our successful course is their achievement. We take care of developing their professional knowledge and skills. The elements characterizing our human resources are knowledge, experience, devotion and excellent job training.

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