Aristides S. Air Control Services Ltd


Aristides S. Air Control Services Ltd was established in 1992 by the current managing Director Mr Aristides Sophocleous with a mission to provide excellence in the area of Mechanical and Electrical Installations, Maintenance and Support.

Aristides S. Air Control Services Ltd since then has become a market leader company in the areas of Data Centre Cooling and Power Solutions, Office Space Cooling Solutions and Industrial Cooling Solutions with a big number of projects emphasising the company’s expertise.

The company’s excellent reputation of Delivery, Choice and Quality coupled with its impressive ability to meet all customer specifications and the commitment to continuously improve the quality of services offered, will undoubtedly ensure continued success.

It is the policy of Aristides S. Air Control Services Ltd to establish and maintain high Quality service and product range. We manage all our activities to provide exemplary levels of services and support to our customers.  All our services fall in compliance to the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 standards on which our company is certified with.

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