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131 Kyrenias Avenue, office 102 - Platy Aglantzias 2113

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At RED HR Solutions we pride ourselves for being professionals with hands on experience.  We are expert in navigating challenging environments across various industries, committed to excellent outcome for our clients and business partners, delivering customized solutions, enabling our clients achieve their goals. Our services include:


  • We advertise positions on behalf of our clients.
  • We utilize our database and networks to identify qualified individuals.
  • We screen and assess potential candidates through personal interviews, personality and aptitude tests and assessment centres.
  • We identify suitable candidates that meet business’ requirements for the relevant the position.
  • We present to our clients an overall evaluation of each short-listed candidate.
  • We assist in negotiating the salary and other terms of the contract with the successful candidate.


  • We help clients achieve operational excellence by redesigning their company’s most critical processes.
  • We shape talent strategies linked to business needs, understand workforce trends, develop great leaders and build an excellent HR function.
  • We analyse the whole company, a business unit or a function by performing a diagnostic and we deliver solutions that build internal capabilities for improving and measuring performance.
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