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28th October Avenue no.365, 3rd Floor, Office 301

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Parimatch Tech is an international product holding company that develops technology and marketing solutions for the gaming and entertainment industry and secures global expansion for the Parimatch brand.

Through the Parimatch brand, the company expresses its love for sports, excitement and a dynamic lifestyle. Parimatch Tech creates a product for entertainment, and the Parimatch brand communicates the philosophy of having entertainment be an integral part of life.

Parimatch Tech is a leader in the sports betting industry in the CIS region, following the principles of responsible gambling and providing a personalized user experience for players.

Parimatch Tech has developed a corporate culture that conveys the spirit of the brand, inspires people to take on new challenges, and provides comfortable working conditions.


Parimatch Tech Headquarters: Vashiotis Seafront, 28th October Avenue no.365, 3rd Floor, 3107 Limassol, Cyprus.

Tel: 25 360871

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